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PASC Education Day 2021

Energizing the Future

Online Conference September 14 & 15, 2021

Six Engaging Topics – Two Half-day Webinars

CPD hours

Online Conference – up to 7.5 Verifiable CPD hours

CPD Compliant Ethics Training

Petroleum accountants designated under CPA Canada must complete a minimum of 10 verifiable hours of continuous professional development annually, with a three-year rolling average requirement of 60 verifiable hours.  Even non-designated accountants can harness the value of education to further propel their careers. 







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September 14 & 15        
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8:00 am - 12:00 noon        
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12:30 pm - 4:30 pm        

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Daily Schedule 

** Speakers and topics subject to change as circumstances demand.

Topic Speaker
SEPTEMBER 14   8:00 am - 12:00 noon  

ESG & Tax Incentives to Move Forward

 Moderator Homan Chung, RSM

Cybersecurity: The Growing, Never-Ending Threat  Ken Kleiner, President & CEO of Daemon Consulting 

Ethical Decision Making in a Crisis

Arun Mathur
SEPTEMBER 15 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm  

Four Economic Rules to Unlearn… and what it means in 2021

Todd Hirsch,Vice President and Chief Economist for ATB Financial


Diversity and Inclusion Panel: Come to My Party & Let’s Dance!

Moderated by Rhonda Holland

 GHG & Emissions Accounting Approaches & Strategies

Peter Bryson

 COVID & Office Re-Integration 

 Neil Hunter, Deloitte



September 14, 2021 8:00 am - 12:00 noon 

ESG & Tax Incentives to Move Forward Panel Energizing and not penalizing sustainability

The Conundrum: There is often a disconnect between environmentally-conscious ESG initiatives and business-friendly imperatives. Canadian policymakers are seeking compliance to greenhouse compliance, while businesses are struggling to deliver these objectives in a pragmatic fashion.

The Proposition:With ESG rising as a buzzword across all industries, learn what it means to energy companies, and how tax incentives, grants, and credits can help the industry successfully move forward to a sustainable future. Join PASC on September 14th as it brings Homan Chung together with experts from RSM Canada LLP to discuss how to “energize and not penalize” 


Cybersecurity: The Growing, Never-Ending Threat Energizing your technology infrastructure

The Threat: Cyberattacks are continually evolving in sophistication and can irritate or be outright crippling. Whether individually-sourced or state-sponsored, history has shown that no one is spared: government agencies, corporations, individuals and even high-tech companies have been infiltrated.

The Safeguard: Cybersecurity involves a combination of recognition, prevention, reporting, mitigation and policy development. Ken Kleiner, President & CEO of Daemon Consulting will explore the world of malicious forays and convey how individuals and business can energize their “IT forcefields” to combat this growing, never-ending threat. Secure your seat and join PASC online for our September 14th event!

Ethical Decision Making in a Crisis Energizing people to do the right thing

The Philosophy: Derived from the greek word “ethos”, ethics is a “way of living”. As a mandatory element of a financial practitioner’s toolbox, this philosophy is the moral compass for differentiating between right and wrong. However, leaders making mission-critical choices aren’t always presented with the most ideal circumstances.

The Struggle: Clarity is required to energize people to do the right thing when under duress. Join PASC on September 15th as it hosts Arun Mathur, Lead Instructor at UltimQuest Knowledge Inc. and Partner at Garld Duthie & CO LLP. to provide context on ethical decision-making in crisis situations.


September 15, 2021 12:30 pm  - 4:30 pm 

Four Economic Rules to Unlearn… and what it means in 2021 Energizing Alberta’s economy

The Situation: Now the post-pandemic economy is underway, firms must refine their business approaches and strategies to optimize success. As everything reopens, potential shortages in labor and weak consumer demand can blindside progress.

The Discussion: PASC is excited to host Todd Hirsch, Chief Economist and Vice President with ATB Financial for its September 15th Education Day event to discuss the implications of the past year and outline how Alberta can energize its future in the coming years.

Diversity and Inclusion Panel: Come to My Party & Let’s Dance! Energizing the human potential

The Problem: Without question, a consequence of emerging social progress is the potential for an increasingly divisive world. Organizations must find ways of establishing the “new normal” in evolving staffing standards and addressing gaps with respect to gender, race and ethnicity.

The Opportunity: Diversity is akin to inviting people to a party and inclusion allows everyone to dance together. Join PASC as it hosts a panel of experts on September 15th to speak about the situation and offer strategies to energize a firm’s human capital.

GHG & Emissions Accounting Approaches & Strategies Energizing tomorrow by measuring its cost

The Challenge: The modern portfolio of energy comprises of new and traditional products that balance sustainability, reliability and affordability. As pressures mount from environment, social and governance standards, companies are tasked with adapting to ever-changing emissions guidelines.

The Answer: Energizing tomorrow undoubtedly comes at a cost, and how that cost is measured is of great significance to oil & gas professionals. For its September 15th Education Day session, PASC will present Peter Bryson to speak on greenhouse gas emissions accounting approaches and strategies.


** Speakers and topics subject to change as circumstances demand.

PASC 2021-2022 Memberships on sale now.  Become a member and save on all of PASC Educational offerings.  Purchase a PASC Membership