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Joint Interest Auditor Registry


The auditors listed here agree to adhere to the PASC Joint Interest Auditor Code of Conduct.

This list is simply a means for industry participants to easily identify auditors providing services to the Canadian oil and gas industry whom have agreed to adhere to this Code of Conduct. This list of auditors is provided as a service to industry and PASC members as an alternative to signing individual confidentiality agreements between auditors and operators for each audit.

PASC has no means to vet the qualifications and experience of the auditors who have registered and it is neither a regulatory body with rights or obligations to the auditors nor a party that utilizes audit services of this nature. PASC makes no representation to the accuracy or completeness of the information. All information is provided by the auditor during the web-based registration process and is maintained by same.

It is the responsibility of the contracting or hiring party to vet the qualifications and experience of the auditor(s) they are considering to provide services.

PASC reserves the right to remove an auditors name from this list if there is concrete evidence they have been convicted in a civil or criminal action related to conduct as a joint interest auditor.


Individual Auditor Name Last Updated Phone Email PASC Member
Kyle McPherson 2020-05-11 (403)836-5521 Join PASC
Chris Everett 2020-05-08 587-968-3402 Join PASC
Colin F. Hubbard 2019-11-01 403 695-0224 Join PASC
Katrina Larocque 2019-05-27 4034637512 Yes
Sean Klug 2018-07-10 403-606-5779 Join PASC
Kevin Hill 2017-11-02 587 575 1475 Join PASC
Ulrich Banner 2017-04-19 4035105351 Yes
Mike Kitchen 2016-11-22 4034634306 Join PASC
Gary Ross 2016-07-12 403-999-9523 Join PASC
John S. Killam 2015-11-03 (403)238-0510 Join PASC
Cody Austin 2015-09-16 403-615-2712 Yes
Andrew Gale 2015-03-11 4036812315 Yes
Christopher Mah 2015-03-02 403-669-2136 Join PASC
Myles Blust 2014-12-11 Join PASC
Nicholas Duckett 2014-11-19 1 (587) 225-1111 Join PASC
Keith Johnson 2014-11-10 403-863-1959 Join PASC
Gary Pettit 2014-10-03 4034570265 Yes
Neil Copeland 2014-10-02 403 650-4318 Join PASC
Jim Love 2014-09-30 403-200-1835 Join PASC
Randy Turner 2014-09-30 (587) 890-3142 Join PASC
Henry DeJonge 2014-09-30 403-862-6636 Join PASC
Arthur Wong 2014-08-05 4038134788 Yes
Lorey Sheremata 2014-07-29 403-290-1510 Join PASC
Tracy Irwin 2014-07-28 403-860-9544 Join PASC
Wayne Wasko 2014-07-07 403 968 5555 Join PASC
Aaron David 2014-06-18 4034570265 Yes
Cindy Trang 2014-06-02 Join PASC
Peter Graham 2014-06-02 403-616-4669 Join PASC
Danny Banadyga 2014-06-02 403-918-2494 Join PASC
David B Walling 2014-06-02 403-540-5541 Join PASC
Robert Cowper 2014-05-30 4032901510 Join PASC
Mark Pelzer 2014-05-29 403-813-9399 Join PASC
Glenn Boraas 2014-05-28 4035088991 Yes
Jim McGowan 2014-05-28 4032901510 Join PASC
Anh Pham 2014-05-28 4036717782 Join PASC
Arthur Leblanc 2014-05-27 4037034243 Yes
Kody Carroll 2013-10-10 4038138837 Yes
Don McKinnon 2012-11-21 4038502233 Yes