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General Publications

PASC Members can now download General Publication (GP) documents in PDF format for free.

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Draft documents are always freely available.

1: GP-01 2019 Wage Index


Pricing:  Complimentary for both members and non-members.

Distribution:  Download only

2: GP - 4, Joint Venture Audit Recommended Training Guide

3: GP - 10, Acquisitions, Distributions and Trader’s Checklist

This checklist was developed by reviewing the checklists of numerous companies and incorporating all the items used by these organizations into one checklist.

4: GP - 11, Product Allocation – Principles, Practices, Exhibitors & Examples

There is no free download of this item.

The purpose of this document is to provide industry with standards to be used when developing specific allocation procedures for CO&O or processing agreements.

5: GP- 13, Materials Price Catalogue

There is no free download of this item.

6: GP-15 2017 Alberta Limitations Act and the Industry Agreement

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