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Accounting Guidelines

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AG - 18 Chart of Accounts

April 2014

AG - 17, Charging Communication Systems to the Joint Account

November 2008

AG - 16, Charging Field Computer Systems to the Joint Account

November 2008

AG - 15, Joint Venture Green House Gas Cost/Credit Allocation Guidelines For Facility Operators and Owners

February 2013

AG - 12, Joint Venture Audit Confidentiality Guideline

March, 1997

AG - 10, Joint Venture Audit Revenue Audit Guide

January, 1997

AG - 9, Joint Venture Expenditure Audit Guide

February, 2013

AG - 7, Gas Marketing Accounting Committee Netback Calculation Guideline

February, 1996

AG - 6, Gas Marketing Accounting Committee Invoice Information Guidelines

February, 1996

AG - 5, Joint Interest Audit Protocol

November, 2006

AG - 3 2016 Taking Oil Volumes In-Kind

February, 2016

AG - 1, 2010 Accounting Guide to Farmouts/Farmins and Penalty Interests

November, 2010

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